How to Improve Warehouse Productivity

So your idea hit the spot – you’ve managed to build a business around it, cash flow is no longer an issue and your Sales & Marketing teams work to consolidate profits. That sounds like you’re on course with the master plan, huzzah! 

But what if the ‘Operations’ department starts skipping a beat? What if you end up bleeding money on inefficient supply chain processes that should support (not hinder) your growth? What if it takes a while before you actually find the pain point? Why would you risk it? …especially when there’s a full range of tools you can use to prevent it.

If you are at a point where you need to increase yield in order to stay ahead of the game, then put warehouse productivity on your Need-to-Change check list, definitely. You’ll find below a few pointers that might be help you start-off the research.

Warehousing, Ground Zero for Productivity Improvement

A reliable inventory tracking & management system plus a high degree of mobility (within the warehouse) represent the ‘bare minimum’ requirements for achieving seamless, time compliant distribution processes. They are vital components of an efficient delivery system, which is one of the most important contributors to business-running costs and customer satisfaction. These two reasons alone are solid Pro arguments when it comes to improving productivity. That being said, we’ve reached the first items on the above-mentioned checklist:

  • Maximise Storage Space

Your business will have extra growth juice if you are able to store more, locate & move freight quicker and have a firm grasp on the unoccupied slots, at all times. Go for narrow aisles and tall storage layouts if you want to make the best use of your total warehouse (storage) space. As you clearly guessed, a space-effective organizational layout will increase storage capacity and eliminate expansion costs.

  • Push for Mobility

Anything and everything that ensures better mobility should be considered. From warehouse layout, to customized equipment, to making sure you have the necessary staff to support operational workflows, you should balance all puzzle pieces to make sure things move at a fast pace.

  • Use a Warehouse Control System (WCS)

Keeping and updating inventory using pen and paper is no longer sustainable. Using warehouse management systems is not really a question of choice these days, it’s the norm for the majority of industry-related businesses. A WCS will allow you to instantly track & retrieve any freight item in the warehouse, consequently reducing the time needed to search for goods and get them ready for delivery. You can also view stock levels in real time, which is something very useful in maintaining a specific stock availability.

  • Rely on Technology

Beside the numerous WCS-s on the market today, other niched technologies are up for grabs as we speak. RFID – the radio frequency identification is such an example (among many others); it is meant to increase operational accuracy by enabling greater visibility into essential process points, allow real-time inventory management and coordinate with the supply chain.

  • Improvement Needs Data

Two words: Velocity Analysis, one priority. Placing the fastest moving items closest to packing areas reduces the actual number of steps a team member has to make and optimises for slotting. Placement within arms-reach also helps productivity by saving on (search an) load times.

  • Simplify Processes

It’s inevitable that, over time, new functions have made their way within the warehouse day-to-day operational routine. Do product flow and order flow still make sense and intersect each other? Map the current steps that make up product flow and order fulfilment and aim for the ‘less is more’ pattern as less steps mean fewer touches and lower costs.

  • Don’t lose sight of your team

Last, but definitely not least, focus your attention on the team. There are a few common-place options that you could use to test & refine your approach, in accordance with the company’s HR vision. Having a fully motivated workforce can mean anything from an increased workplace comfort, to setting up a performance-based incentive program, to a higher management presence on the floor. You could also test deadheading reducing strategies – i.e. rolling out an order picking cart (with power) feature. This could help diminish situations in which workers pick products, drop them off at the loading dock and return to the picking area without considering any other applicable tasks such as picking near-by products for another active order.   


Increasing productivity in warehousing seems to rely on a set of universal rules: observe the present situation/ identify the weak points and formulate solutions/ match objectives to sustainable activities/ test options and – finally – adjust working methods accordingly. The blueprint is complete, now: Action Required!



How to hire the right IT team for your business

If you’re responsible for hiring talent at your company, then the chances are that you’ll need an IT specialist at one point or another. While some choose to outsource, the best idea is to hire a dedicated team responsible for managing your technology and keeping you online. Below, we have rounded up some of the top tips for hiring the right IT talent for your business.

Look for qualifications 

The first thing that you should look for when choosing the right IT professional to work for your company is qualifications. Sure, experience counts for the majority in this world, but being able to find a candidate that has gone through college and university and has a degree to their name will give you confidence in their ability, and make it easier to structure a team based on their knowledge and understanding of the industry. Awards and accreditations can also be useful indicators of talent, but try to look beyond what’s on paper when selecting the right candidate.

Work with an agency

Running your own business, you’ll likely struggle to find time to fit everything into your busy schedule, and might even need some help from time to time. Rather than worrying about writing a job specification and interviewing hundreds of potential candidates, consider outsourcing to a company that offers IT recruitment in Reading. Not only will you be able to forget about the process until several highly-suitable candidates are presented to you, but you’ll likely save money during the recruitment process, as the time it takes to interview several candidates can take longer than you think. It pays to use a recruitment agency in most cases!

Start off with a single expert

If you need to build an entire team of IT professionals for your business, whether that’s because you want to bring IT in house or your existing team has left, then you should start with a single expert. Bringing an entire new team into the office overnight can be hard work and, in some cases, an impossible task. By choosing an expert to head a new team, and giving them time to understand your company and its IT needs, you’ll be sure that you’ve got everything under control. In the world of IT, people have differing opinions and processes, so hammering down the way you want things to be run with a new IT manager is a more sensible option.

Use tests and exercises

While a good CV and an impressive interview should help you separate the wheat from the chaff, asking candidates to take part in tests and exercises is also a good idea. Not only does this allow them to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the industry, but it gives you the chance to challenge and test the candidates and see whether they’re the right fit for your business. After all, just because someone looks good “on paper”, that doesn’t mean they will fit well into your company. Always go the extra mile to find the right talent.

There you have it. If you’re looking to recruit IT professionals, then start with this guide.


Perfect Tips to Increase your Instagram followers

Social networking has become very much common these days and has gained much popularity among people. Through the help of social websites like Instagram people can now easily get to have the facility of real Instagram followers. There are certain tips and techniques which people need to know and once they get command on those tips, they can easily increase their followers. Throughout the world, the importance of Instagram has increased as with the help of it people can avail the facility of have many followers. It helps them in their business and it is also helpful for them to interact socially with number of people.

There are certain techniques which one should know and after that the followers on Instagram become increased. One of the tips to increase your followers is to make your account public. If your is account is set to private only then there are very less chance that the number of followers will increase because only your friends will be able to see your account. For increasing your followers it is important to set all your things to public and if there is much issue of privacy then while uploading you can be careful. Another way through which the number of followers gets increased on Instagram is through hashtags. In order to filter photographs, there are hashtags which are being used on Instagram these days by people. All such photographs which will have a similar hashtag will be displayed on internet when you search the photo. One should make sure that the hashtags which are being used with the photos are relevant and not unnecessary because though getting popularity is one of the aims, but relevance of data which you share should be maintained.

It is very much important for people that being an Instagram user, they keep on uploading their posts and updates. Without having regular updates, they will not be able to get an increased number of followers. Even those users who have a dormant account cannot succeed in getting large number of followers. For increasing your followers, it is essential that you keep on updating your account with interesting, new and exciting updates. If the content of your account will be boring then there are very less chances that people would wish to follow you. One of the standard rules which you can follow is that you should not post too less and neither too much. Your account should not be flooded with a number of posts that it becomes difficult for people to look at it. One should keep updating posts in a balanced way.

In order to give a good look to your account and photos so that the other people follow you, it is important to use filters. They add much beauty in your photos and your account looks more appealing to the public. One of the other techniques to increase followers is that instead of uploading single picture, you can create a collage of anything or people. Another useful technique is that you can synchronize your Instagram account with Facebook as well for increasing followers as people on Facebook will start following you as well.