Why You Need Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

If your business is to perform to optimal levels it is extremely important to have the highest-quality equipment and refrigeration units to keep your stock fresh and chilled to the correct temperature. However, if you do not have these fridges, freezers and display units properly maintained and serviced then you may find that the output and functionality of your café, restaurant, hotel or bar may lessen.

For more than 30 years, J&M Refrigeration have not only been at the forefront of commercial refrigeration but they have also prided themselves on the quality of repairs and maintenance they provide for their clients. They offer both reactive and planned refrigeration maintenance contracts.

The contracts that J&M provide are designed to reduce the number of times a business’ units and equipment will break down or fail. They are also used to ensure performance levels remain as high as possible and that equipment used at their premises is as efficient as possible and is therefore financially beneficial to the company too. They also offer this service to ensure that if any units do, unfortunately, break down then there is something in place to resolve and problems as quickly as possible and before a dip in business performance and sales cancome intorealisation.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

By going without frequent, planned commercial refrigeration maintenance you run the risk of allowing your freezers, fridges and cold rooms to perform below the standards they should normally adhere to. This may then result in your stock being held inside units which cannot keep them at their ideal temperature and your products may then spoil a lot earlier than they should. There is always a knock-on effect when your refrigeration units cannot perform as required.

J&M have a wealth of fully-trained, experienced engineers at their disposal. As well as providing routine and reactive refrigeration maintenance they also have a massive selection of high-quality spare refrigeration parts to hand. Occasionally, all that is needed is for a dysfunctional or broken part to be replaced and thanks to the numbers spare parts their engineers keep close by this can be quickly done to reduce the downtime of your refrigeration unit.

A properly arranged, consistent maintenance service for your commercial refrigeration equipmentcan see your business take advantage of a reduction in energy expenses, an enhanced unit lifespan as well askeeping your fridges, freezers, cold rooms and display cases in working order. No matter the location of your firm you can rest assured that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, J&M Refrigeration and their expert engineers will be on hand to solve a variety of issues regarding your equipment. Regardless of if you are in the leisure, food or pharmaceutical industries their planned and reactive commercial refrigeration maintenance services are an excellent provision to have as part of looking after the best interests of your firm.

To find out more information you can get in touch with J&M Refrigeration bygiving them a call on 0121 544 0555 or by emailing Alternatively, you can go to their contact page and submit their ‘drop us a line’ form.



Preparing for an SEO conference

Have you finally decided to attend an SEO conference? This is a brilliant step towards growing your business. Apart from registering and getting a ticket to the event, you still have a lot to do in preparation for the day. This is what you need to have in mind to make the event productive for your business.

Start planning early

Have you registered for the London conference? Early preparations prevent you from getting into a last minute rash. You should start planning at least a month before the day. Know the exact days you need to attend different sessions of the meeting. This will help you make a proper schedule for aspects such as transportation and sleeping arrangements.

Make a budget

Registering for a PPC conference is not only expense you might incur. A budget can save you from getting stranded if you have to change locations to get to the venue. Start saving early enough so that you have some cash for different activities.

Talk to potential attendees

You may know someone who may be part of the conference through social media or guest blogging. Send them an email to confirm if they will be attending so that you are not alone at the conference. A lot of SEO experts also like traveling in groups as they share ideas with one another.

Keep the purpose in mind

Always remember why you are attending the conference to avoid losing focus. Purpose to be part of all the events as you gain insights from every speaker available to get the most out of it. You can also research the presentations before attending the conference. The website of the event can you give you more information regarding what to expect.

You can also learn about the different speakers invited to talk to attendees. This research will help you know the most relevant courses to attend so that you don’t miss out on important details. It also prevents you from wasting time.

Organize for internet access

Do not assume that the conference will provide computers or internet for you. It is safe to carry your laptop with you so that you can network and stay connected with other digital marketers.

Check for the availability of presentations afterward

Most SEO experts offer materials after the event to give you further knowledge of what they were discussing. For instance, some may not have enough time to cover all the topics. Therefore, check if you can get online presentations afterward so that you have materials to take home with you.

This can also save you from noting down even the smallest details addressed by the speakers. You should focus on valuable information not provided in presentation slides.

Come up with questions

Q&A sections come in handy during SEO conferences. As you research beforehand, make a list of relevant questions in your field that you are going to ask the different speakers. Identify the problems you are facing in SEO and bring them up in such sections.


How Can We Reduce Water Consumption In Different Industries?


  • To spare water amid conclusive cleaning, focus on the underlying procedures. Soil that has been left on the part is extremely follower. On numerous occasions, we watch the advantages of precleaning quite, an abbreviated last cleaning cycle.

Precleaning likewise tends to diminish generally fabricating time and modify and in addition diminishing water use. Make the underlying cleaning helpful and viable, or your constructing agents will essentially disregard the precleaning step and pass the issue forward.

  • Water extra from one area of a task can be reused for another reason. For instance, water utilized for cleaning can be separated and reused for arranging, or for cooling gear. Another case is taking generally squandered condensate water from cooling towers and reusing it as “make up” water, or water that is utilized to supplant water lost by dissipation. Despite the fact that condensate water isn’t ok for utilization because of a high convergence of overwhelming metals, it is splendidly alright to cool pinnacle utilize. The process of desalination reverse osmosis to purify water and In used in portable water.
  • The essential cleaning process comprises of washing, flushing, and drying. In the clothes washer step, choosing a problematic cleaning specialist or neglecting to control the washing shower adequately squanders water specifically and in a roundabout way. One case of an immediate impact is abbreviated shower life; each time you change the shower, you lose noteworthy measures of water. A backhanded impact is intemperate water required in longer flush advances, either to expel cleaning operator buildup or to accomplish better expulsion of ointments and related process materials in the wash step as opposed to the wash step. Absence of thoughtfulness regarding drying implies recontamination of the part and spotting, regularly bringing about the need to reclean; with each cleaning cycle, some water is utilized.
  • A genuine “closed loop” cleaning framework is presumably unachievable, similar to the objective of zero buildup. In any case, numerous alternatives are accessible that permit viable cleaning and decline water utilize. Switch course, where the last wash is the cleanest water, is a compelling methods for diminishing water use. Some clump frameworks utilize a Quick Dump Rinse. In QDR frameworks, the parts remain in one tank; cleaning agent(s) and flush operators are then included consecutively. Splash is normally used to keep away from soil redisposition. Progressive little washes utilized in QDR can furnish more viable soil evacuation with less water use than a solitary flush with a higher volume of water.
  • Cooling towers are frequently the best shoppers in mechanical activities, giving extensive chance to progression. Each cooling pinnacle cycle, wastewater high in broke up solids leaves the pinnacle and is supplanted by new water. In the event that checked precisely, businesses can altogether diminish their crisp water utilization.



Why Personalized Photo Gifts Are The Best?

“It’s not the gift that matters, but the thought that counts” – said Henry Vandyke. And this is so true for personalized photo gifts too.

A lot of thinking has to be done before buying a gift for a person. You have to remember so many things- the person’s likes and dislikes, the occasion, the current gifting trends and above all, your budget. This seems like quite a lot to do, isn’t it? But personalized photo gifts fit the bill perfectly. Yes, personalized photo gifts are the best for thoughtful gifting and here are the reasons.

Reasons why personalized photo gifts are the best

  1.     Perfect for any occasion

Racking your brains to find the perfect gift for the occasion is something you don’t have to do with personalized photo gifts because these gifts suit any occasion and every celebration. Right from birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries, bridal showers, baby showers, housewarmings and farewells, these personalized photo gifts are best suitable for all family rejoicings and personal celebrations. This is because they reflect the thoughtfulness behind the gift through the personal photograph they carry.

  1. Perfect for appreciation

A gift is a gesture of appreciation. Whenever you feel like appreciating others, you offer them a gift. What better way to appreciate the people you love than offering them a personalized photo gift? The photo gift showcases the love, admiration and respect for the other person in the form of a lovely photograph that you have chosen very carefully.

  1.     Perfect for building bonds

Strengthen the bonds with the people you connect with by offering them personalized photo gifts. Even at the workplace, you can reach out to your peers, teammates or superiors and strike a better rapport when you offer them a personalized photo gift.

  1. Perfect for the emerging trends

People are always conscious of being in vogue. And this is true even for gifting. People who want to gift others are always worried that their gift should be appreciated. This is why they wish to go in for the gifts that are currently the trend. Personalized photo gifts are the trend these days. Photo frames, photo key chains, photo mugs and photo cubes are in fashion and people love to have them as gifts.

  1. Perfect for creating curios or souvenirs

Every home has some souvenirs. These are items that showcase the memories of the person or family treasures. These souvenirs have a story and a history behind them. This makes them infinitely more memorable and worth cherishing.  Personalized photo gift enshrines timeless memories in its photographs and becomes a lasting treasure.

With the photograph to remind them of those nostalgic moments, your personalized photo gift is going to become a curio worth cherishing in your dear one’s life.

Tips for choosing the perfect personalized photo gift

With an abundant array of personalized photo gifts, most people do not know what to choose. Here are some tips to guide you in choosing the perfect photo gift.

  • For a senior person, a personalised photo frame or photo mug would be ideal.
  • For newly-weds or young teenagers, photo-pillows or photo frames are good.
  • For the fast and furious guys, photo keychains are the best.
  • Kids just love photo magnets and photo pillows
  • The ideal gift for the entire family is a rolled photo canvas
  • For parents and grandparents, photo mugs are the best a hey will use them daily.

For any occasion, any person, any age- the personalized photo gift is the best. Get a photo gift of matchless quality to shower your matchless love on your dear ones.