ENTREPRENEURIAL DIFFICULTIES – The truth of Noble Bank Zimbabwe Ltd

Market Shake-up In 12 , 2003 Mzwimbi proceeded a necessary family a vacation to the usa, satisfied with all the progress and also confident in which his sprawling empire was over a solid a foot-hold. However any call from your business magnate inside January 2004 informed him from what was named a growing shake- up […]

Market Shake-up

In 12 , 2003 Mzwimbi proceeded a necessary family a vacation to the usa, satisfied with all the progress and also confident in which his sprawling empire was over a solid a foot-hold. However any call from your business magnate inside January 2004 informed him from what was named a growing shake- up inside the financial companies sector. It seems that the inward bound governor acquired confided in the few shut colleagues and also acquaintances concerning his ideas. This validated to Mzwimbi the particular fears that have been arising since RBZ refused to allow for banks which usually had liquidity difficulties.

The last two months of 2003 saw interest levels soar near 900% r. a., with all the RBZ observing helplessly. The RBZ had the equipment and capacity to regulate these costs but practically nothing was done to help relieve the circumstance. This trekking of interest levels wiped out the majority of the bank’s revenue made inside year. Bankers normally count on treasury charges (Tbs) since they will be easily tradable. Their yield was good before the interest costs skyrocketed. Consequently brokers were today borrowing with higher interest levels than the particular treasury charges could protect. Bankers were devote the not comfortable position regarding borrowing pricey money and also on-lending that cheaply. An illustration at Noble Bank was operator who coppied $120 thousand in 12 , 2003, which simply by March 2004 acquired ballooned to be able to $500 million as a result of excessive costs. Although the expense of funds has been now with 900% r. a., Royal Lender had merely increased its interest levels to simply 400% r. a, and thus it has been funding the particular client’s deficiency. However this kind of client cannot pay it and just returned the particular $120 thousand and demonstrated which he had simply no capacity to cover back the particular $400 thousand interest demand. Most brokers accepted this kind of anomaly since they thought it absolutely was a momentary dysfunction perpetuated from the inability of your acting governor to produce bold selections. Bankers considered that when a substantive governor has been sworn in however control the interest rates. Much with their dismay, about assuming the particular governorship Medical professional. Gono still left the costs untamed thus the circumstance worsened. This circumstance continued around August 2004, creating considerable tension on entrepreneurial brokers.

On expression, some bankers believe that the key bank purposely hiked the interest rates, as this might give it time to restructure the particular financial companies sector. They claim that through the cash crisis with the last half 2003, bank CEOs would certainly meet often with all the RBZ so that you can find answers to the problems. Retrospectively they will claim that there are evidence indicating the current governor even though not employed yet was already accountable for the RBZ operations during that time period of time and has been thus in charge of the untenable interest regime.

Inside January 2004, right after his getaway, Mzwimbi has been informed from the RBZ in which Royal was accommodated regarding $2 billion around the 28th regarding December 2003. The Key Bank wished to know whether or not this accommodation needs to be formalised and also placed in to the newly developed Troubled Lender Fund. Nonetheless, this has been expensive funds both with regards to the interest levels and also with regards to the fine print of the particular loan. With Trust Lender, access to the facility acquired already offered the Key Bank the proper to push out the most notable executives, restructure the particular Board and also virtually control the management with the bank.

Royal Bank refused the offer you and employed deposits to settle the funds. However the interest rates failed to come straight down.

During the initial quarter regarding 2004 Rely on Bank, Barbican lender and Intermarket Lender were defined as distressed and also put beneath severe corrective orders from the Central Lender.

Royal Strike

Royal Lender remained secure until Goal 2004. Those who had their particular funds closed up inside Intermarket Lender withdrew massive sums regarding funds coming from Royal Bank although some were relocating to overseas owned banks because the perception produced by Central Lender was read from the market to signify entrepreneurial brokers were fraudsters.

Others withdrew their particular money around the basis that when financial behemoths just like Intermarket can easily sink, then it may happen to any indigenously governed bank. Royal Lender had an edge that inside the smaller towns it absolutely was the simply bank, thus people acquired no selection. However even on this scenario there was no secure deposits since people stored their resources moving in order to avoid being found unawares. As an example in seven days Royal Lender had withdrawals regarding over $40 thousand but weathered the particular storm with out recourse to be able to Central Lender accommodation.

Currently, newspaper accounts indicating several leakage regarding confidential details started showing. When presented, one community paper press reporter confided the information was being supplied in their mind by the particular Central Lender. These accounts were directed at causing anxiety withdrawals thus exposing financial institutions to depositor airline flight.

Statutory Stores

In Goal 2004, on the point regarding significant weeknesses, Royal Lender received any letter coming from RBZ cancelling the particular exemption coming from statutory arrange requirements. Statutory stores are resources, (getting back together a specific percentage of these total build up), banks must deposit with all the Central Lender, at simply no interest.

Any time Royal Lender began functions, Mzwimbi placed on the Key Bank : then beneath Dr Tsumba, for forex to fund supplies, computer software and engineering infrastructure. No forex could become availed but instead Royal Lender was exempted coming from paying statutory reserves for starters year, thus delivering funds which usually Royal might use to acquire forex and choose the needed sources. This was a standard procedure and also practice with the Central Lender, which was made available to other finance institutions as properly. This would certainly also improve the bank’s liquidity place.

Even investors are now and again offered duty exemptions to be able to encourage and also promote investments in different industry. This exemption has been delayed as a result of bungling inside the Banking Direction and Security Department with the RBZ and also was hence only implemented per year later, consequently it could run coming from May 2003 right up until May 2004. The rapid cancellation with this exemption found Royal Lender by big surprise as its cashflow projections was based about these starting out in May well 2004.

If the RBZ was adament, Royal Lender calculated the particular statutory stores and observed that, because of decline inside its build up, it had not been eligible for your payment regarding statutory reserves during those times. When the lender submitted the returns together with zero statutory stores, the Key Bank claimed the bank has been now due for your statutory arrange since creation. In effect this is not getting treated being a statutory arrange exemption yet more being a penalty regarding evading statutory stores. Royal Lender appealed. There was conflicting opinions involving the Bank Direction and Money Markets divisions around the issue since Bank Direction conceded for the validity regarding Royal’s place. However Money Markets insisted which it had instructions from your top to be able to recall the total amount regarding $23 thousand. This has been forced on Royal Lender and transmitted without consent for the Troubled Financial institutions Fund with exorbitant costs of 450% r. a.

FML Fable

When FML has been demutualising, the management were concerned with the chance for being swallowed by the huge ideal partner, Rely on Holdings. FML greeted Royal Bank as well as other banks to behave as buffers. The arrangement was in which FML would certainly fund the deal by inserting funds together with Royal Bank in order that Royal wouldn’t normally fund that from the balance page.

Consequently FML would certainly leave the particular deposits together with Royal Bank for your tenor with the loan. The deal was consummated by means of Regal Property Managers and also was to be able to mature inside December 2004, of which time it absolutely was anticipated the share value of Initial Mutual could have blossomed, enabling Royal Lender to pick its purchase and get out of profitably. The deal resulted inside Regal Property Managers possessing 57 thousand FML explains to you. Royal Lender gave FML several securities by means of treasury charges as collateral for your deposit.

The Arrange Bank as well as the curator published off this kind of investment because during those times FML has been suspended on the ZSE. However the fact it has been suspended failed to invalidate the value. Recent events demonstrate that this kind of investment provides generated massive capital benefit for Noble Asset Managers because the ZSE rebounded. Yet the curator highly valued this purchase negatively. Around Goal 2004 there was a contagion result at FML as a result of challenges with Trust Lender. This triggered the compelled departure with the FML TOP DOG and chairman. FML has been suspended from your local bourse since investigations in to the financing construction of Money Alliance’s buy were performed. Because with the pressure taken to bear about FML, it wished to withdraw the particular deposits used by Noble Bank, despite the arrangement. FML cannot locate and also return the particular treasury bills that had been provided since collateral simply by Royal. Royal Lender suspected why these had recently been placed together with ENG, one more asset supervision company which usually collapsed inside December 2003. Any public line broke out there. Royal Lender executives wanted counsel coming from Renaissance Product owner Bank, which acquired brokered the deal, and the particular Chairman with the ZSE, who equally agreed together with Royal the deal has been legitimate and also FML were required to honour the particular agreement. At this kind of stage FML wanted court intervention so as to force Noble Bank directly into liquidation. Even the particular curator competitive the FML position causing his using it regarding arbitration. Royal’s place remained that when FML doesn’t return the particular securities then you won’t get the particular funds.

Royal lender directors said political interference around the issue. The Noble Bank executives believe the governor, in opposition to his far better judgment, made a decision to act in opposition to Royal Bank beneath the pretext with the political strain. In retrospect, the political support regarding cracking the particular whip with Royal provided credence for the rumour the governor acquired an root agenda inside taking Noble and blending it directly into ZABG due to its strong part network.

Royal Bank was warned simply by friendly RBZ insiders that when it at any time accessed the particular Troubled Lender Fund it will be in problems, so that sought in order to avoid this without exceptions.

However about 4th September 2004, Royal has been served together with papers in which effectively put it beneath the curator. Curiously, the curator’s deal was agreed upon two nights earlier. Until now no depositor acquired ever did not withdraw his / her deposits coming from Royal Lender.

The not enough credibility with the Reserve Lender in managing this circumstance is uncovered when a single considers in which some banks got more as compared to eight weeks to stabilise beneath curators, elizabeth. g. Intermarket and also CFX Financial institutions, and could actually recover. But Noble and Rely on Bank were beneath the curator at under two weeks before getting amalgamated. The media raised concerns in regards to the curators supposing the function of undertaker as opposed to nurse, thus burying these kinds of banks. This did actually confirm the likelihood of a hidden agenda on the part of the Key Bank.

Victor Chando

Chando was a fantastic financial manufacture who create Victory Economic Services after having a stint together with MBCA. He previously been the particular brains powering the creating of the particular predecessor regarding Century Lower price House which usually he afterwards sold to be able to Century Holdings. Royal Lender initially had a pastime in lower price houses therefore at creation had integrated Victor being a significant shareholder. He afterwards acquired Barnfords Sec which Royal designed to bring in-house.

Victory Economic Services was associated with foreign forex dealings, using ocean going companies in which bought totally free funds coming from Zimbabweans in another country and purchased garbage for Zimbabwean businesses. One such handle National Food items went sour as well as the MD noted it for the Central Lender. On investigations the deal was found being clean nevertheless the RBZ travelled ahead to write that this individual was associated with illegal forex transactions and also linked this kind of to Noble Bank. However this is a purchase done by way of a shareholder as a possible account case, in that your bank acquired no attention. What puzzled matters, was in which Victory Economic Services has been housed inside the same constructing as Noble Bank.

Right after failing to be able to nail Chando to be able to any legal charges, the Key Bank given an buy for Noble Bank to be able to force your pet out being a shareholder and also board associate. It will be ridiculous the Central Lender would vet that is a shareholder or perhaps not inside banks – specially when the folks had no police records.

Negotiations together with OPEC have been underway because of it to control Chando’s shareholding. The Arrange Bank was alert to these improvements. OPEC would certainly then aid in the recapitalisation along with open up personal lines of credit for the lender.

The Criminal arrest

In September 2004 the particular executive owners of Noble Bank, Mzwimbi and also Durajadi, were caught on several allegations regarding fraudulently prejudicing the lender. One with the charges was which they fraudulently employed depositors’ resources to recapitalise the lender.

Three with the charges right after police inspections were decreased, as we were holding not correct. The a couple of remaining fees were:

a) any conflict regarding interest about loans that have been made available to the owners. The RBZ alleges which they did not necessarily disclose their particular interests any time companies governed by these accessed lending options at concessionary rates from your bank. Though the enterprising brokers dispute these kinds of charges, while they claim the particular Board moments prove that interest has been disclosed. Even the particular annual economic statements with the bank acknowledge which they accessed loans within their job contract with all the bank.

t) funds was payable to Finsreal Property Management. However Mzwimbi argues in which Finsreal in fact owes these money rather than the some other way spherical. Royal Lender shareholders necessary to inject funds for recapitalisation with the bank and also were required to downpayment their resources with Finsreal Property Management. Since some had not paid their percentage of the recapitalisation from the due time, Royal Economic Holdings, which had a free account with Finsreal, paid the amount of money for the shareholders – who have been then indebted to Noble Financial Holdings. Somehow the particular RBZ puzzled this transaction because the bank’s funds and so accused the particular

shareholders regarding using depositors’ resources to recapitalise.

By retrospectively studying the court docket case in which the Noble Bank exec directors are usually accused regarding defrauding the lender it seems that the RBZ developed a falsehood so that you can frustrate the particular bankers. The curator which initially refused to adopt a stand ahead of the RBZ employed Independent Charm, has inside court plainly testified in which no payments were stolen from your bank from the directors understanding that the curator failed to (despite RBZ assertions) advise charges contrary to the bankers. In Jan 2007 the particular former exec directors regarding Royal Lender were acquitted from the High Court around the remaining legal charges following your prosecution did not present any convincing discussion.

Royal Lender assets have been sold from the curator to be able to ZABG barely two months after being placed under the curator, without the audited economic statements. The speed of which an arrangement of selling was attained is unbelievable. The masters of Noble Bank went along to court and also, after any protracted legitimate struggle, the court docket ruled the assets have been sold illegally thus the selling was “illegal and also of simply no force or perhaps effect and so null and also void”. The court docket then directed the owners should interest the Key Bank to get a determination with the actions with the curators. The Key Bank begrudgingly create an “independent panel” to be able to adjudicate the truth. Strangely ZABG continuing to trade around the illegal resources.

The cell advised the appeal simply by Royal lender be turned down as it will be difficult to be able to disentangle that from ZABG. They furthermore cited the fact ZABG acquired some contractual commitments with next parties who may well not might like to do business together with Royal lender. This odd ruling doesn’t explain exactly why these considerations are not made if the amalgamation has been done. The lording it over also redefined the particular agreements involving the curator regarding Royal lender and ZABG since not becoming an “agreement regarding sale” although the celebrations which entered in to the agreement plainly intended it being viewed therefore. This was an easy method of circumventing the particular Supreme Court docket ruling the agreement regarding sale has been null and also void.

But the particular panel failed to explain just how this disposal with the assets is highly recommended if it absolutely was not any sale.

Consequently the particular major shareholders of Noble appealed for the Minister regarding Finance which upheld the particular RBZ selection. Mzwimbi and also his fellow workers have as a result appealed for the courts. Inside the meanwhile there was clearly a failed try to sell the particular disputed resources by ZABG inspite of the outstanding legitimate challenge. Merely ice late is the law denied.

Mzwimbi and also his team are already denied usage of all lender records yet are anticipated to defend by themselves. As this individual characteristically sets it, “We are getting into this kind of fight impaired folded and also our palms bound, while fighting anyone who has armour plus a sword. inches

Around 2002-3 there was press accounts indicating the ruling party/state wanted undertake a stake inside the profitable consumer banking sector. A minister regarding government during the criminal arrest confirmed this kind of to Mzwimbi and also his staff. Another lender, NMB, had apparently been assaulted as well as the major shareholders were advised to dump their shareholdings to be able to certain politically related persons. They rejected and were required to leave the united states after several trumped upwards charges have been preferred in opposition to them. Sadly, the governor experienced resistance as well as the politicians distanced by themselves. One native banker noted how this individual was summoned for the Central Lender governor’s business office and informed which he should leave the united states, as his / her bank could be closed. This banker credits Noble Bank’s level of resistance to getting manipulated as exactly why his very own bank lasted. The lender was placed under curatorship about 4th September 2004. Mzwimbi acquired secured prospective investors for your recapitalisation with the bank prior to the deadline day of 30th September 2004. A few days just before that deadline day, Mzwimbi achieved the curator and also explained in more detail the position for your recapitalisation workout. Investors which had demonstrated interest and also were inside advanced talks were OPEC, Fidelity Insurance and several South Photography equipment investors. He more asked the particular curator to be able to request the particular Central Bank with an extension of approximately a few days. The very overnight he has been arrested around the pretext which he was planning to leave the united states. Mzwimbi and also his team believe his criminal arrest at in which critical period was supposed to intimidate the particular would-be buyers and bring about the disappointment to recapitalise. This lends credence for the view the decision to obtain the lender and amalgamate that in ZABG had been recently made. The recapitalisation could have scuppered these kinds of plans. Especially, other banks got an file format to regularise their particular recapitalisation ideas.

Shakeman Mugari reported the central lender has inside principle consented to enter in to a scheme regarding arrangement together with Royal, Trust and also Barbican banks which may see the last resolution with this issue. He argues the central lender disregarded the worth of securities the banks acquired pledged for the central bank for your loans. If they’re factored inside, then the lender shareholders involve some significant benefit within ZABG. If this kind of scheme was consummated it could have safeguarded RBZ officers from getting sued inside their personal capacity for loosing value to be able to shareholders. From your article it seems like any memorandum regarding agreement was signed to be able to effect any reduction regarding Allied Economic Services’ discuss in ZABG even though the former banks’ shareholders will need up their particular share equal in porportion to the worth of their particular assets. This generally seems to indicate the central lender has observed a weak spot in the arguments.

If this kind of proves correct Royal Lender could regain a fairly big position of ZABG because assets which included the real-estate and the paper resources which was undervalued.

The particular legal headaches show in which entrepreneurs inside volatile surroundings face needless political and also legal difficulties. The principle of legislation in these kinds of countries might be nonexistent. The particular legislative and also political surroundings, instead regarding supporting buyers, pose significant challenges to be able to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs inside these environments must assess the particular associated chance in creating their companies. However a fresh breed regarding entrepreneurs who usually do not fear the particular vicissitudes regarding political interference is building a difference. Entrepreneurs recognise the environment can be a constraint but may be manipulated right up until worthwhile options are taken advantage of for business value. These internet marketers choose never to be victims with the environment.
Strike on Entrepreneurs’ Persona

The details asymmetry wherein the Key Bank enjoyed its case inside the public press even though the accused brokers had simply no right regarding response developed a false impression, in the particular minds with the populace, regarding entrepreneurs getting greedy and also unscrupulous.

The Key Bank falsely accused Jeff Mzwimbi and also Durajadi Simba regarding siphoning funds from your bank. An illustration appeared in the press article where it has been alleged the sale regarding Barclays Lender branches to be able to Royal Lender was annulled as well as the refunded resources were remitted to be able to Mzwimbi and also Durajadi with Finsreal Property Managers rather than Royal Bank’s consideration. This was an obvious case regarding deliberate misinformation because the Central Lender was alert to the fact. Royal Lender had integrated the purchase with the Bulawayo Barclays Lender branch constructing which Barclays Lender would lease a percentage of coming from Royal Lender. When Noble Bank chop down short on the Interbank Eradicating House, that renegotiated together with Barclays. This has been after Noble was threatened that when it failed to clear this kind of amount it will be placed in to the Troubled Lender Fund : which taken severe fines.

The end result was in which Barclays refunded the quantity paying it right to Royal’s Central Bank-account. The RBZ identified receiving these kinds of funds. How do they today accuse the particular founding shareholders of siphoning the identical funds which usually went right to the RBZ consideration? Mzwimbi contends that Barclays can simply testify to the.

The RBZ furthermore alleged in which Mzwimbi and also Durajadi withheld information from other CVs about application for your bank licence thus questioned their particular integrity. They said that Mzwimbi withheld information on his involvement using a failed lender, UMB. Nevertheless the business policy for Royal Bank that has been filed together with RBZ plainly states this kind of involvement. The Key Bank could have these data anyway. They furthermore queried Durajadi’s way to obtain funds and also cast aspersions on the web worth assertion. Yet Durajadi was involved inside Zimbabwe Trust plus a transport business along with his brother, which usually gave your pet sufficient web worth benefit.

The RBZ contends the Board regarding Royal Bank did not comply using a directive to be able to recapitalise simply by 29th Come july 1st 2004. Royal Lender executives and also Board express categorically which they never acquired this directive. Mzwimbi and also his staff argue that is falsehoods, as almost all banks were needed to have recapitalised simply by 30th September 2004.

The regulators also allege the balance page of Noble Bank acquired a debts of $140 thousand, which the particular bankers argument. If a single were to take into account the questioned $23 thousand for statutory reserves as well as the $20 thousand as accommodation from your clearing residence, this would total $77 thousand with passions. However with all the undervaluing with the assets as well as the $160 billion that has been written away from as uncollectible, there could be no unfavorable balance page. The contention with the Royal Management is the curator, on the behest with the Reserve Lender, deliberately tampered with all the accounts to offer a basis for the take-over. This might be validated by the fact the curator’s equilibrium sheet stored changing when he has been challenged and also he improved the write-offs, also of resources that acquired since recently been collected. Given that Royal and also Trust Financial institutions were amalgamated into ZABG, the lender is nonetheless profitable, without the recapitalisation possessing been performed. The very undeniable fact that this fresh amalgamated lender can operate because of this long coming from insolvent banks’ money without recapitalising lends credence for the argument with the Royal Bank’s masters.

The internet marketers contend which they were working with a Key Bank that has been determined to find out them sink rather than to guard the integrity with the banking method. This environment had not been conducive to be able to survival plus it amplified typical weaknesses which has been resolved for the duration of normal enterprise.

Entrepreneurial Perseverance

Mzwimbi and also his fellow workers refused to quit under tough situations. Regardless of intimidation they will took the particular Central Lender to court docket and rejected to budge right up until justice has been done. We were holding presented together with numerous opportunities to give up the region but wouldn’t normally.

It will be reported they’ve not given up on their fantasy. They have create Royal Economic Services inside Kenya, inspite of the challenges inside Zimbabwe. Indeed an indication of conviction. Press accounts indicated they are in talks with Rely on Bank in order that once they will win their particular case they could merge and also continue their particular operations inside Zimbabwe. Trust failed to confirm or perhaps deny this kind of. The more inclined scenario nonetheless is in which both Rely on and Noble could attain a compromise with all the central bank causing them taking on equity inside ZABG at the mercy of an self-sufficient revaluation exercise with the assets of taken above.

Entrepreneurial Rules

The entrepreneurial quest is fraught together with risk but can be extremely rewarding. Some lessons which can be learned from your case examine are as follows:

• Internet marketers take computed risk. Mzwimbi failed to use almost all his resources inside the bank yet left his / her shareholding inside Econet unchanged. He furthermore sought to be able to diversify his / her wealth simply by keeping several investments together with FML and also Screen Litho. It has been the particular mainstay regarding his success creation method. The devastation that befell the lender did not necessarily completely wash him out for this reason prudent purchase strategy.

• Entrepreneurs study on their activities. Mzwimbi’s great experiences educated him essential lessons. His global banking knowledge enabled him to find out the growing trends since Barclays and also Standard Chartered withdrew coming from country villages, creating any route regarding his access strategy. His assist Econet educated him conviction as this individual and his / her colleagues struggled legal struggles with government for your award with the licence. Little would he understand that this has been just education ground for your battle regarding his living – the particular battle regarding Royal Lender.

• Entrepreneurs must continuously scan the surroundings for dangers and options. Whereas Mzwimbi and also his staff were great at noticing the particular emerging optimistic trends inside the environment with inception, they did not pick the particular changes inside the regulatory environment if the new governor came up to speed.

• Entrepreneurial method emerges and so entrepreneurs needs to be flexible. Although Noble Bank had an idea to grow with a steady rate, when the ability arose to obtain other divisions cheaply the particular entrepreneurs seized the ability.

• Internet marketers are up against credibility difficulties as consumers, regulators and also suppliers analyze the reliability of novices. Royal Lender minimised this kind of by signing up experienced and well-known personnel available in the market. However having less institutional shareholders generated credibility breaks with several corporate consumers.

• Entrepreneurs must craft within their organisations equally managerial and also leadership competences to make certain both the opportunity to exploit options (entrepreneurial action) and also sustainable business performance (ideal management). The harder contemporary see of entrepreneurship transcends merely the opportunity creation now encompasses ideal growth. Although Mzwimbi was a fantastic leader this individual needed a solid and potent manager to be able to consolidate increases in size and generate solid methods to support the fast growth. Management thrive about change although managers prosper on managing complexity and also creating buy.

• Business is created on interactions as these aid in the scanning with the operating surroundings e. gary. critical information regarding opportunities and also threats was purchased from close interactions

Lets close this informative article with a couple of questions that operator should take into account. For illustration, if Mzwimbi acquired expanded a smaller amount aggressively, would Noble Bank are already safer from your regulators? Just how could Mzwimbi have got protected Noble Bank coming from political and also regulatory interference if this individual anticipated people risks? If Mzwimbi acquired selected to be able to pursue his / her enterprise ideas in the country using a more trustworthy political and also regulatory surroundings, how would certainly he have got performed? Would it not have recently been wiser to help keep the products, real estate as well as other assets inside Royal Economic Holdings or perhaps other company entity and only lease these to the lender? In in which scenario would certainly the predators are already able to be able to pounce around the bank?

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